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Avatar: The Last Airbender
Warmth - If you'd asked Sokka a few hours ago, he might have said the only thing worse than being thrown in a cell by the Dai Li would be if Prince Zuko was already there. A few hours ago he would have believed that. Now he can barely believe his eyes.
An Experiment in Posthumous Subsistence - "Before you break my face," the Joker said, squirming beneath Batman's body, between his sore knees, "can I just say that none of this is my fault?"

Best Be Careful, Little Bat - "You know, you are absolutely precious sometimes, with that little scowl. Makes me want to take pictures and show people on the subway like all those weird mothers with twelve kids do."

Both Ways - Pre-existing relationship comes to a head on a roof top.

Break My Fall 🌹 - Bruce is sixteen years old when he meets Jack, and everything changes. Batman is thirty-four years old when he meets Joker, and everything ends.

Bred to Suffer - The name on his release papers says John Doe, but he knows that isn't a real name.

By A Thread - Hesitating, suddenly unsure of his question or the want of an answer Bruce studies the man beside him, his eyes tracing the smeared patterns in the Jokers makeup.

Carnival - (Series) On a calm Halloween eve, Batman finds the Joker, and suddenly is thrown into a chaotic chase with the maniac. But, for once, when the Joker said he wasn't up to no good, perhaps he wasn't lying.

Cat - J and Bruce adopt a cat, also batcow.

Daily Grind 🌹 - Bruce Wayne has a best friend who's also his most troublesome employee. Nights out on the town can be hazardous for your health. An AU where Martha and Thomas Wayne don't die, consequently Bruce doesn't become Batman and the Joker can't exist without his straight man.

Early Works - (Series) Batman tries, tries really, really hard. But he is chained to the bomb and he can't do anything. Just hold onto world's greatest maniac and not let him go. There is nothing else to be done, he's finished.

Half Way Across 🌹 - Set immediately after "The Killing Joke": Joker changes his mind on the way back to Arkham and agrees to Batman's offer to rehabilitate him.

He Loves Me - The Joker does some renovating in the city that Bruce isn't so fond of, so he tries to charm his way back to the Bat's good side. If there is one.

Home Pyre - The Joker wants to see Gotham burn to the ground once and for all, and his admirers from all over the world have come to help.

Hug - Damian hugs Joker for whatever reason. Bats is trying hard not to have a panic attack.

Hunger - Bruce is hungry when he wakes up.

Joker's Bargain - Prying the cowl off, Joker laughed in triumph. Batman staggered away, a shaft of moonlight falling across the face that had been a secret for long.

Make Me Beautiful - A suddenly slip drags the Joker back to the night he was birthed, and the moment he knew he was in love with Batman.

Marked Your Card - There's change in the air, and the Joker is getting restless. Bruce spends a night with his clown, before the chance is lost.

Not Quite a Serenade - The night was silent, but for the Joker's increasingly loud humming. "Stop that." Batman hissed.

Rain - A batjokes kissing in the rain drabble.

See Red - Bruce really should have seen it coming.

Shattered Identities 🌹 - The Joker finally decides to crash one of Bruce's parties and no one knows as well as Batman how to catch the madman's attention. Bruce just never thought he'd use it without the mask to save lives. Unfortunately for him once you've got the Clown's attention you never lose it and the last thing Batman needs is a madman whispering in his ear while a new villain is trying to up end his life.

Shenanigans - "You can't stop me every time Bats," The Joker shifted in his seat with a pout. "Someday I'm going to find out what that button does."

Simplicity Itself - It's simple. No, it's complicated. The two of them.

Surprise, Bats - It was time to release him and leave this scene, end this madness (because that's exactly what this was).

Tell Me Something Secret - A newcomer to the caped community has made it clear that they're not willing to wait around for Joker to politely off himself in his own good time. Batman's intervention is, unfortunately, necessary. Discussion ensues.

Teeth - Uh-oh.

The End Of All Things - You can only loose so many friends before you start relying on your enemies. In a future where the JLA is disbanded, the Bat-family are all grown up and Bruce is older than he ever wanted to be, Joker's escaped, again, and Bruce is supposed to take him back to Arkham, again, and he's not sure he can.

The Price Of Beauty - Joker needs new clothes, and it's surprisingly hard to find bright purple suits online. Bruce thinks taking him shopping is a bad idea, but listening to him moan is worse. Possibly. Probably.

The Shadow and the Soul - "Aren't you going to ask?"

Tread Softly - Bruce needs to break into Arkham. Some things are important enough to be worth making a deal with the devil for.

Watch Your Feet, Let Me Pass - A little oneshot about cartesian karma, abject horror, and a day in the life of "Jack" Doe.

[We Are] That Kind of Crazy - (Series) The thing is that he can't keep up hatred and want at the same time; they're too strong. He gives in a little and ends up giving a lot, giving everything, and Joker is happy to take it.

We Don't Need No Stars - They call him a clown. It's terribly funny and one hundred present awful all at once. This is Gotham's sense of humour.

What It Was That Made You Strong - "Happy to see me?" Joker can't help but ask.

You're My Excuse to Travel - Even with time and death on their heels they've got to stop running eventually, and it may as well be between Paris and Rome. (Takes place after Batman: Europa #3.)
BTS (fuck you)
If I Get, I Just Might Drown - fucking jimin has always been jeongguk's favourite hobby. ruts just made it that much more special.

If You Wanna Go To Heaven (You Should Fuck Me Tonight) - They mark a trade; Jimin's soul for Jeongguk's body, till death does the hunter get dragged down to Hell. Those are the conditions. Or well, they're supposed to be.
15:30 - Appointment: Kim Taehyung for Jeon Jeongguk (genital piercing) - Taehyung makes a bet, the forfeit of which is getting his dick pierced. He loses the bet. Good thing the piercer has nice eyes. And face. And hands. Not so nice that he seems to keep laughing at Taehyung, but you can't have everything.

Bargains Between Lions And Men - Taehyung wins an auction, but his real prize is waiting at home.

Bloom - Seokjin warns Jungkook that Taehyung's flower shop is something of trickster magic. Jungkook thinks Seokjin is full of bullshit and ventures in anyway.

Chemistry - Jungkook just wants to get his tutoring sessions with the President's son over with. Taehyung just wants to get his cute tutor under him.

Down To The Needle - Where Taehyung focused on bold, strong edges, Jeongguk was all about delicacy and attention to detail. Two sides of the same coin that perhaps shouldn't have ever met in the first place. However, once Jeongguk starts to get to know him, he just can't pull away.

Fantasy, Taking Over Like a Disease - Kim Taehyung is a live in nurse, and Jeon Jungkook is a rich bachelor. Jungkook gets into a carcrash. Jungkook needs a live in nurse. Taehyung is qualified. Or is he? Because he's used to working with the elderly, not wealthy, young beefcakes.

Going Down - Jeongguk is good at his job. He's good at leading his employees and maintaining the family company's top spot in the business, but he's not so good at dealing with distractions. Namely his most troublesome employee, Taehyung. That is, until he gets trapped in an elevator with the source of all his distractions.

Headed To Hell For The Company 🌹 - A series of one-shots depicting Taehyung's time with his mildly sex-crazed half-demon boyfriend Jungkook.

I Forget To Breathe When I'm With You 🌹 - Jeongguk's trying to figure out how he ended up with a sugar daddy when all he wanted was a couple packets of instant noodles.

I Want You, I'll Color Me Blue - Blinking water out of his eyes, he turns to Taehyung. "You coming?"

Keep You Warm - "I'm a demon, not a hot water bottle. I'm a creature from the deepest pits of hell. Don't cuddle me," Jungkook grumbled, Taehyung just tightened his grip. "But you're so warm," the latter whined, his big doe eyes blinking up at him.

Little Fangs 🌹 - Taehyung is a vampire who needs blood. Jeongguk is an incubus with plenty of blood and, well- different needs. An obvious arrangement ensues.

Love You Till Your Eyes Roll Back - Taehyung is always there to help Jeongguk go through his heat.

Make It To Me - Pride and Prejudice AU ft. Jeongguk as a rich boy with daddy issues and Taehyung as a graphic designer who sees him for exactly what he is: an asshole. (Or so he thinks.)

Nodus Tollens - Taehyung's life and the rules he set up for himself had been easy before he met Jeongguk. He's definitely not making things harder on himself, thanks.

Ode To Joy - A good boy with a dirty mouth. Jeongguk is definitely in love.

One Way Ticket To Paradise - guk meets a stranger on a train who showers him in nicknames and fucks him like he deserves.

Psychic 10-12 Club - All it takes is a phone call for Kim Taehyung, self-proclaimed psychic, to tell you your future. Failing school, miserable in his job and fast running out of money, Jeon Jungkook could really do with some clairvoyance; someone to tell him it's going to be ok. Even if it was a pile of optimistic horse shit, he'd take it. Probably cling to it for dear life. But nothing-nothing-could have prepared him for the cosmic shift that occurs when he drunk-dials into Taehyung's cult radio show. Nothing tangible, anyway.

Pulling Shapes Just For Your Eyes - The number one rule when you're a producer on a show like Miss Right, Taehyung thinks, should be do not fall for the bachelor. It's such a shame Taehyung has never been good at following rules.

Show Me Mercy 🌹 - In a world that has become a cruel, merciless place where citizens live in constant terror of menacing beings called 'mutants'; who possess unexplainable powers, Jungkook is a mutant who is too curious for his own good and Taehyung is a prestigious hunter who has too many secrets to go by.

Stocking Up On Oxygen - Just days in the life of Taehyung and Jeongguk getting through lockdown together.

Speed Demon - Pick up the pace like danger and ride.

Take On The World - Taehyung's life changes forever when he finds a naked man in a parking lot after work one night and for reasons he can't understand, decides to take him home with him.

The Dreamer In The Deep 🌹 - in his dream, something moves in the sea. he can't see it in the dark, can't make out its form. all he knows is that, somehow, it's looking right at him.

The Happiest Place On Earth - "Oh god, Kook. Don't tell me you're going to propose in front of the Cinderella Castle. That's like, extra cheesy. The most cheese, even for you." "No?" Jungkook laughs. Does it sound as nervous to Taehyung as it does to himself? "No, that's corny. Definitely not."

They Can See Us - There are two things that you should hope always follow you. Number one: your shadow. Number two: your reflection.

Unholy 🌹 - nnnhhhggg. im a thirsty little demon. you have to feed me. you have to use your cum.

Why Aren't You Scared Of Me? (What Do You Know?) - There are much worse things to be scared of.

Your Body On Mine - Having to deal with a rut is already an experience for Jeongguk. But having to deal with Taehyung's rut is something entirely different.
House Of Cards 🌹 - Jungkook is the heir to a mob empire, the most notorious in the whole of Seoul. Taehyung is a rookie sent in to infiltrate by his select team and bring the empire crumbling down.

Swamp Magic 🌹 - Two witches lure Jungkook into their cabin in the woods.
U K I Y O - Yoongi owns a city that he painted red until a man that doesn't seem to truly exist steals something from him. And all the strings lead to Jimin, a succubus who works in one of his brothels.

Valentino Summers - Whether or not Jimin was smuggling drugs really didn't matter. He was hustling, and these days that was all there was to it. Hustle and survive, or struggle and die.
Are you from heaven? 'Cause I can send you right back. - The serial killer au no one asked for

Element of Change - He never wanted to be the Avatar.

Inc. - Corporate Relationship Disclosure Form -- Human Resource Coordinator: Jung Hoseok Section to be completed by Employees Involved: Names: Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin Job Titles: Chief Accountant Supreme, Professional Wet Blanket
Cowboy Bebop
Let It Bleed - Every bullet is a beat, and damned if that's not the rhythm of Spike's life. Spike and Vicious, trapped in an alley.

Stray Dogs - He's got a rook on his shoulder and you've got a hole in your heart; you're a match made in hell, baby, and it'll tear you apart.
Final Fantasy VII
Shopping Trip - Zack drags Cloud out to an old antique store one night, and Cloud teaches Zack some little-known facts about Nibelheim tradition.
Remembering - Buying bikinis is a new experience, and is only mostly fun and games.

You - The girls are unwinding at the Gold Saucer, when Aerith challenges Tifa to a bet on the chocobo races. If Aerith's pick wins, Tifa has to take Aerith on the gondolas. If Tifa's pick wins, Aerith will give Tifa anything she asks for. A promise is a promise. Tifa wins, and Aerith asks what she can give her. Tifa already knows what she wants. She just doesn't know if she has the courage to ask for it.
A Lesson Learned - Where Tifa spills Reno's not so secret, secret.

Backseat - Being stuck alone with Reno anywhere would usually be an unpleasant experience. Rufus didn't know it didn't have to be.

Bad Behaviour - ...or how to distract someone in a meeting the Reno way. Poor Rufus is having problems concentrating.

Candlestick - Reno's just hanging around.

Compartmentalization For Dummies - With President Shinra in critical condition after a botched assassination attempt, Rufus and Reno let off some steam.

Don't Want You To Jump - Snippets of important moments in Reno's life during his employement by Shinra... and yeah, they generally revolve around Rufus.

Elevator Action - Reno, Rufus and a broken elevator.

Five To Ten - Reno believes that some dates are worth remembering.

Going Up 🌹 - Later, when Tseng lectured him, Reno would defend himself. He was new to Shinra, after all, and he'd only ever seen the President's son at a distance, or on TV. That day, Rufus wasn't even wearing his signature jacket. Anyone, he insisted, could've made the same mistake. But deep down, Reno knew, there was the simple fact of the matter: he just wasn't exactly thinking with his brain.

Powerplay - After a long separation, Reno and Rufus experience a surprisingly intense reunion.

Runaway - A night in the Shinra building flavoured with two idiots and practice guns.

Scrap And Build - If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was.

Stripped Bare - He feels naked without his Turks.

The Dance of the Macabre - Two years after the events of Advent Children have passed and the future of the Shinra Company still looks uncertain.

Veteris Vestigia Flammae - Set a few years before FF7, Rufus is in the process of becoming the cold, calculating character he is in the game. Plays on his relationships with the Turks and Shinra, and how they relate to each other.

With A View - Rufus won't let himself lose, but it's much less clear which one of them is really getting his way.
A Chemical Sort of Sickness - Whether you were a Third Class SOLDIER getting your injections for the first time or a seasoned First Class, used to the bi-monthly Mako treatments that kept Shin-Ra's special forces in prime physical condition, there was one shared, universal understanding between the troops as far as those things were concerned: they sucked.

A Point To Prove - Sephiroth will kill Cloud as many times as it takes to get his point across: that Cloud loves him and belongs to him.

Begin The End 🌹 - Six years after the Deepground crisis, Sephiroth returns -- with no memory of anything that happened at Nibelheim, or afterwards. Cloud Strife, convinced it's a trap, advocates for his old enemy's immediate execution -- but Rufus Shinra, determined to reform the image of the new Shinra Electric Company and earn the goodwill of a population tired of violence, has other ideas.

Big God - you'll always be my favorite ghost.

Chamomile Tea - The boys take a nap.

Corsetry - What is it like, to be a bird in a cage when a viper holds the key?

Cream And Sugar - Cloud Strife works at Cloud Nine coffee shop below the plate in Midgar. The trouble is, it's a front for the gang AVALANCHE's drug business, dealing mako for recreational use. Things were going fine up until Shinra caught word of their supposed activities at that location and send Sephiroth to investigate.

Get Out - Sephiroth can't dream anymore. Cloud can. Sometimes, Cloud can dream for him too. Sephiroth wishes he didn't.

Ghosts - During one of Cloud's yearly visits to Nibelheim he finds Sephiroth alive in the reactor.

Gone - Looks like someone's having a nightmare.

Green Dreams 🌹 - Cloud has suffered and asked for forgiveness, but Aeris knows she alone cannot give him it. He must find that forgiveness and peace where it began, back at SOLDIER.

It's (not) my Party I (won't) Cry if I Want to - Sephiroth comes along with Cloud to an Avalanche reunion, and finds himself sitting alone, wanting desperately to be selfish.

Kill Me With Desire - it's a funny sort of thing, falling into bed with your fated adversary.

Midnight Oil - The devil’s embrace is a warm one.

Not All That Miserable - Sephiroth seemed like the last one to know that he was in love with Cloud.

Steal Away - Cloud confronts Sephiroth on the eve of the final battle, alone. It's not a very good idea.

The Only Pain Feared - Cloud and Sephiroth face an awful (and familiar) monster.

Two Of A Kind - Six years old Cloud Strife was only minding his own business, but randomly getting an older brother was kind of awesome. Even if he now lived inside his head and claimed his name was Cloud Strife too.

Wildcat Calamity - Cloud notices that Sephiroth's cat-like qualities don't stop at his eyes...
Final Fantasy XIII
The Unrecorded Second War of Transgression - Fang has never been a particularly graceful winner, and it doesn't help that Lightning is loath to admit defeat. Following a series of escalating challenges, they both land themselves in the hospital - and neither of them are willing to apologize.
Final Fantasy XV
Eternity Is Enough - There comes a time for every man to realize when they are beaten and welcome the end with open arms. For both hunter and hunted, it is not today.

Man of Many Talents - Weskham serves an unusual patron.

Royal Archival Project Section 5, Appendix H: Notes On A. L. C. - Erasing someone from history is an imperfect art, especially an immortal with an odd sense of humor. A pair of archivists follow the traces.

The Gladiolus Parable - Some people just don't appreciate good advice.
...Are Lost - Ever since meeting Carbuncle Noctis had sought refuge in the safety of his dreams...

Catch Me - While Noctis was happy that Ardyn had kept his promise to meet again, he truly wished he had chosen another location...

Coming Home - Through an unusual circumstance, Noct was kidnapped at an early age and raised by Ardyn Izunia in Niflheim. Now, back in his childhood home in Insomnia, Noct struggles between his residual hatred of Lucis and his desire to belong, while the threat of Ardyn's retribution looms in the background.

Father - Instead of Regis saving his son from the Marilith, Ardyn saves him but instead takes him away from his home. Ardyn raises him in the best(read: worst) ways he knows.

Not All Who Wander - Not his father but a stranger had saved him from the Marilith's attack...

Scion - Noctis, abducted and raised in Niflheim, then reintroduced to his former life in Insomnia, leaves on a trip with his new allies to seek out the Oracle's help in defeating the Starscourge. How that happens, however, is not set in stone, and the journey will test all of them by the end.

Sparks - Only the heirs to the throne of Lucis can summon one creature until they ascend to the throne... right?
5 Times Noct Casually Killed Ardyn Out of Irritation - + 1 Time It Wasn't So Casual

A Dubious Dalliance - The sensation was gone the next second. Ardyn let go and backed away, leaving Noct reeling in place. He felt funny, like he'd forgotten something.

A Hunger Beyond All Others - There is an old story told by hunters at the fire, that eating the heart of a Lucian king, imbued with all the powers of the Crystal, would give one the most precious gift-that of everlasting life.

A Taste of You - Ever since Ardyn Izunia entered his team as an independant consultant, Noctis had been pinning after him. But tonight, the man invited him over for dinner. Noctis sure hadn't expected that kind of evening.

Acting Strange - Noctis falls again and again for the same old tricks. But perhaps he isn't as blind as Ardyn believes him to be...

An Inconsequential Price - "You must be thirsty, Noct." Ardyn smiled at him, holding a glass of water in his hand, and until Ardyn had mentioned it, Noct hadn't thought so, but now it was all he could think about, how much he wanted even just a sip of that water.

And Spite's All That's Kept Him Going - New Game+ mode. After everything, Noct finds himself back at the beginning.

Ardyn's voice is sexy and he knows it - Ardyn attempting to get Noctis' attention.

As Depthless As The Sea - Noctis thinks he's in love.

Astral AU - AU where Ardyn is one of the astrals, and honestly I can't explain it enough to make it fully comprehensible, but suffice to say, Ardyn and Noct have A History (ch 33 and 40)

Baby, Let The Games Begin - Touch me and you'll never be alone

Bend to Your Will 🌹 - Noctis is touch-starved. Ardyn takes advantage.

Black At The Center - I thought Chapter 13 was too nice to Noctis.

Blackmail - All the times Ardyn helped the gang out, he wanted something from Noctis in return.

Blood and Honey - The room within was unremarkable, one of many within Zegnautus Keep for the use of the lowest ranking personnel. There were rows of bunkbeds and other basic furniture, made of the cheapest materials, arranged to hold the maximum of inhabitants heedless of comfort. The walls echoed with the laboured breathing of its only current occupant. Ardyn smiled and stepped inside.

Blow My Whistle Baby - Ardyn sticks around after giving the terms of the the peace treaty and-no, fuck the pretense, there's no actual plot in this. It's all filth.

By Starlight - Insomnia is attacked the night preceding the treaty signing. Noct gets more than he bargained for when he puts on the Ring of the Lucii.

Cerement - A tower, a dagger, an ancient queen—and at the center of it all, Ardyn Izunia.

Claimed - Noctis goes into heat and Ardyn is the only one around to "help." Set during chapter 13.

Clandestine - Noctis becomes curious about whatever secret his uncle seems to be hiding and gets in over his head.

Contact - He was just-holding it. Just holding his hand.

Corruption - "It has occurred to me that ruling alone just doesn't have quite the appeal it once did." A too hot finger traces along his cheekbone, over his cracked lips. "After all, what’s eternity without someone to share it with?"

Counterfeit - "Tell me, Chosen One, were their deaths worth it?"

Diplomatic Immunity - Ardyn is a terrible influence on Noctis. He pays for it dearly.

Dear Noct, - Noct gets a bunch of sex tapes that turn out to be snuff films and things escalate.

Dear Prince - It was like he was drawn to him like a magnet, like they were two parts that needed to be put together, like they were soulmates, even more than that. They belonged together, even though they couldn't. Maybe they were, once in another life, but not in this one.

Doing The Dew - Ardyn is a man of composure. Noctis is determined to break that composure.

Don't Spit It Out - Ardyn gets to know Noctis's skilled tongue.

Dragonheart - Dragons AU! This takes the post-apocalyptic dragons scorched the world setting of Reign of Fire, and most of the "infectious" properties of dragon blood from The Obsidian Chronicles.

Et In Arcadia Ego - Vaguely inspired by Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Extra Credit - Noctis takes advantage of an exclusive opportunity to pass Ardyn's class

Fallen - Noctis is King of Eos, having been corrupted by Ardyn in the end. Now he rules with Ardyn at his side and they get a bit kinky.

Falls The Shadow - Noct is a Grimm. Ardyn is an exiled prince. They help each other.

Falling in Love is Like Bleeding to Death - Noct can't figure out why, but he's been feeling strange all morning, like there's an itch under his skin, somewhere he's supposed to be.

Fear The Fall (And Where We'll Land) - In which Ardyn is the only one who accompanies Noctis in his search for the mythril in Steyliff Grove. Amidst half-heartedly fighting off daemons he himself is summoning, getting lost a few times for kicks and battling a giant monster, Ardyn is surprised to learn just why Noctis thought he wanted to tag along in the first place.

Fever - Noct gets injected with something that produces unexpected results.

Pieces of the Whole - Five times kissed.

From Shadows - AU where Ardyn steals Noctis away during Niflheim's raid on Tenebrae and fucking messes him up.

From The Sea 🌹 - In another world, Ardyn taking him out to dinner like this might feasibly be called a date.

Give Your Heart and Soul to Charity - "When I was young-" "And when was that," says Noctis sarcastically, "like a thousand years ago?" Ardyn is struck with a sudden coughing fit, for seemingly no reason, and Noct looks at him flail about for a few seconds.

Goddamn Headaches - Noctis wakes up to find Ardyn isn't in the camper and goes outside to investigate his whereabouts.

Good Boy - On the train leaving Cartanica, Ardyn pays Noct a private visit in one of the cabins. But what starts out as routine mind games turns into something much more dangerous - and addicting.

Hate The Taste - The night after Ardyn joins Noctis and his retinue, he finally gets to catch a moment alone with the prince.

Healer Kings of Lucis - At seventeen, Noctis Lucis Caelum, chosen king of light and the only member of the line of Lucis to be born with healing magic since the time of the Accursed, flees into hiding in the lower city. Three years later, on a diplomatic mission, Ardyn Izunia hears a rumor on the streets of Insomnia that there's a healer in town who can cure anything. Even the Scourge. This, he has to see.

Heartsong - Noctis has some...inclinations.

Heatwave - "Once," Ifrit says, "humans used to tithe the gods, begging for our favour."

H E A R T L E S S - Noct's been waiting a long time for his soulmate.

Housebroken - "The king made to kneel. In pain, he crawls."

(I'll Kiss You Again) Between The Bars - Noctis is trapped and being pulled into the Crystal, Ardyn decides their conversation could be a little more intimate.

I'll Never Be Your Chosen One - Noctis is searching for Prompto in Zegnautus Keep. What he finds is Ardyn.

In The Beyond - Ardyn saw Noctis being sucked into the Crystal. He just couldn't let it happen again.

In The Dark - Ardyn kills people that look like Noct.

Like A G6 - The Chosen's vessel is empty.

Lithe - It wasn't as if Noctis could just walk away from this, it wasn't an option anymore. The way his body would quiver and his legs would rub together as he tried to hide his need, was all he needed to know to realize he was lost.

Make This Life Livable - Noct feels responsible for all of the misfortune that has befallen his party since they left on their journey. With his friends gone, the only one he can turn to for comfort is...Ardyn?

Marionette - Naive, little king... Did he truly believe his pickpocketing skills were remarkable enough to swipe the key from his pocket without the redhead noticing? Ah well... Mayhap it was time to reveal a little more of his true nature to his dear, distant nephew? He hadn't intended to keep the young man completely in the dark forever- -tempting though it was.

Microfill - It was impossible to give an explanation or even a simple excuse as to why he felt the need to do this.

No Consequence - Every time Ardyn shows up to help the guys out, he goes out of his way to hit on or seduce Noctis. Perhaps for some additional diabolical plan or maybe just because why not.

No Time Like the Present - "It's not an engagement ring," he said, "I couldn't pick one out for you anyway. Your taste in jewelry is too weird."

Not A Placebo Effect - Jennifer's Body AU.

On The Nature Of Trust - Noctis has to chaperone Ardyn on a tour of the Citadel. What results has world-changing implications.

Only When I Lose Myself - Noctis is minding his own business on a normal day in the Beyond when he runs into its other occupant, Ardyn, who seems to have something in mind for dear Noct.

Origin Stories - Eventually, someone was going to sit Ardyn Izunia down on a couch and make him talk about his mother.

Oubliette - Noctis was nine when he found Ardyn.

Owned - Noctis goes into heat in Lestallum and ends up meeting with an enemy at the worst possible time. Praestigium - Noctis seeks solace in the only way he knows how- with Prompto as the train rattles on towards their inevitability. It turns out that his best friend isn't who he thinks he is at all...

Promises To Keep - After he fulfills The Prophecy Noctis expects to be able to (semi) peacefully die and get on with the rest of his afterlife. This is not what happens. It's not what happens to Ardyn either. Reminiscence - Fucking Ardyn wasn't worth the price of his soul, Noct reminded himself, though not all of him agreed with the sentiment.

Said The Spider to The Fly - Ardyn infiltrates the Kingsglaive...for the purposes of debauching the crown prince.

Say Please - In which Noctis makes the incentive worthwhile. Alternately, The Fic Where Noctis and Ardyn Have Sex In Pitioss.

Say What You Want About Me - Secret lovers? - Is there a secret love affair between Crown Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and the Imperial Chancellor Ardyn Izunia? Read pg 10 to find out! Ardyn stared at the small, tidy stack of magazines on Noctis's coffee table, feeling a strange mixture of weariness, curiosity and bewilderment.

Shatter - Deep in the bowls of Zegnautus Keep, Noctis searches for his missing friend.

Show Me A Hero (And I'll Write You A Tragedy) - None see the Chosen King for his true self.

Shut Up and Touch Me - Time means nothing in the Crystal. Noct can't remember how long it's been since he's seen a familiar face, or felt the touch of warm fingers against his skin.....

Stolen - "This is no time for a nap, Noct," purred a voice into his ear. He spun around, reaching for a sword that wasn't there, only for Ardyn to step forward and force him further into the empty room. "You looked so lonely, I simply had to come down for a visit."

Stolen Moments - "You might find the cab fare to be more than you bargained for."

The Adventures of Prince Noctis and Funny Hat Man - (Series) Noct is a walking disaster and Ardyn has been around since he was a kid saving Noct from himself, because he's the one that gets to kill Noct, not a long drop out a fucking window.

The Bad Ending - Like the Eat spell in Final Fantasy 8, Noctis can consume daemons for strength and power.

The Darkness Within - Once upon a slasher movie.

The Devil's Children - Ardyn the Mystic is a stage hypnotist, using his skills as a real hypnotist for profit. In order to demonstrate his skills, he needs a volunteer from the audience...

The Monsters Running Wild Inside Of Me - Witcher!Noctis AU.

The Path Between the Stars - Prince Noctis has major concerns about the fact that the responsibilities of ruling are about to fall on his shoulders -- until he meets a handsome stranger at his birthday party who offers to take it all away, and he begins having strange dreams about talking ravens and far away palaces...

The Perfect Drug - As a half-Astral, Ardyn Izunia has been aware of the effects of his Astral blood on the Lucian royalty for centuries. Noctis, on the other hand, is caught entirely unaware by his inexplicable desire for Ardyn, seeking resolution to his attraction outside the caravan the night before they visit the Cauthess Disc.

The Sound of Silence - For all Ardyn had harassed them, ten years before, he'd never touched any of them. What would that do to a person?

The Two King's - A brief backstory for Ardyn, based on canon then a little canon divergence around the premise of them both ruling Lucis together.

Unmerciful - After two thousand years, Ardyn's done playing games with the Astrals. He takes Noctis for his own.

Utile - It was clear Noctis had no idea what was happening to his body, except perhaps for the fundamentals, and Ardyn doubted he knew enough to fumble through his first heat without injury, or the ability to get himself off, at the very least.

Vox Adamatori - A small drabble that takes places during the Vox Populi, Vox Dei universe wherein Noctis and Ardyn ally with one another to bring about the end of the Astrals.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei 🌹 - Noctis' descent into The World of Ruin with an unholy Oracle at his side begins.

Waiting On You - Noctis had fantasies of traveling the French countryside after graduation. However, student loans have a way of destroying dreams like no daemon he could have conjured in his nightmares - until he meets a man with an unforgettable smirk and an unlimited credit line who has fantasies of his own for Noctis.

Wind Him Up - Ardyn is a man of composure. Noctis is determined to break that composure.

You Will Never Take me Alive - Noct dreams of dying.
I'll Numb Your Fear Just Like Cocaine - Ardyn's mouth twists into a sinister smile and he pulls Ravus towards him, pressing their lips together. Ravus takes it like a man dying of thirst in a desert.

Pizza-Delivery Guy Has One Hell Of An Ass On Him, Local Satanist Will Tell You That Right Now - There is a half-naked man in front of him, with blood dripping down his chest and a chicken in his hand. Somehow this is not the weirdest thing that has happened to Ravus this year.

Power and Control - A Highschool AU where one character is a TA and the other is a professor that is invited to teach at the school for a few weeks giving lectures to older students who want to see what it is like to be in college and the TA and Professor know each other, not well, but enough to be like 'Oh that guy' and try to avoid each other but the professor is like 'Don't avoid me, you're an adult now you can't just run away when you are near people you don't like' and the TA is just like 'Eat my ass, dickweed.'
Alexithymia - For the past month, Gladiolus has been showing up at the library while Ignis is attempting to get his work done, clearly waiting for something - or someone. It wouldn't have been a problem - were Gladiolus a normal fixture in the nonfiction section. As it is, it's terribly distracting, and Ignis is determined to discover what he's hiding.
Duty - Luna has been oracle all her life, from the instance she was born and a golden light surrounded her body-or at least that's what everyone says.

Mistakes - Gentiana keeps making the same mistakes, time after time.
360 No Scope - The main problem is that Noctis can't stop thinking about making out with Prompto.

Afternoon Wake Up Call - Noctis refuses to wake up/get up/just being an unmoving brat because he can (like Episode Duscae) and someone has to get him moving for the day.

All Along - "I mean, just text Iggy and tell him you're stayin' at my place. Granted, we'll have to either break out or spend the night in here to avoid the almighty wrath of His Highness's chief advisor, but..." he teases, poking Noctis in the shoulder to lighten the mood. The corner of Noctis's mouth twitches just a little like he's fighting a smile, and Prompto's own lopsided grin widens on his face. "It'll be fun! Like, a sleepover or something."

All This And Heaven Too - Ignis isn't surprised to find a mess in Noct's apartment. The blanket fort, though. That's new.

And Here Descends The Night - When Noctis finds Prompto, Ardyn will die a terrible fucking death and everything will be fine. Noctis finds Prompto. Ardyn does not die a terrible fucking death. Everything is decidedly not fine.

Do It Properly - Prompto tries to think of a surefire way to get the prince out of bed.

For The Prince Who Has Everything - From outside of the closet door, there's another shift of fabric, and he can hear Noct breathing. It seems louder than it ought to - not really the slow, steady in and out of someone getting ready to drift off to sleep. The fabric shifts again, and Prompto inches forward, frowning, to risk a peek.

Friends With Benefits - Prompto has always known that Noctis was the prince, but he's only ever really cared that Noctis was his friend. And he thought it was pretty clear that he didn't befriend Noctis for the money and gifts. In hindsight, he probably should have just said that much to Noctis.

Golden Catfish, King Catfish - from the ages of 14-17, noctis had an online girlfriend on a popular mmorpg, and it's great, and they're happy... except that it's maybe not actually a girlfriend, because prompto argentum is maybe not actually a girl, and now that he's realised he's accidentally catfished the prince of lucis for three years he's mildly freaking out.

Hooligans - Prompto and Noctis get into mischief during their high school days.

I'm Falling Apart For You - But looking at that bed, a full-size mattress at best, Prompto nearly panicked. They were in the room, completely alone, and would be sharing a bed.

In Hope and Festivities - The chocobros attend the festival together, and Noctis has trouble expressing his feelings toward Prompto.

Inadequacy and Chocolates - So of course his heart had to go and betray him with all these awful gay feelings. Classic Prompto.

In Somnus Veritas - Magitek Troopers are excessively advanced, heavily genetically modified clones. That's one thing Noctis learns in the laboratory. The other thing he learns is that somebody ordered them to remove their helmets. He learns that all Magitek Troopers have the same face. Prompto's face.

Intervention - Prompto and Noctis aren't talking to each other. Ignis and Gladio decide to intervene, with mixed results.

Lessons in Etiquette 🌹 - From Prompto's desire to befriend the sullen, bullied prince blooms a relationship even the Astrals themselves could not have foreseen. This is a story of two young men, their friends, their fate, and their eventual understanding of life as they grow to fall in love with one another.

Life Imitates - Everyone keeps trying to lecture Prompto on dating Noctis. Which would be fine if he and Noctis were actually dating.

Reformation - Over the years, Prompto takes progress pictures of himself. He's not really sure if he can see any difference, but he keeps taking them anyway.

Safe - Noctis braves the capital to get back what he loves. A light in the darkness after.

Selcouth - Noctis wastes the day fishing, convincing himself he's in no hurry to rush towards his kingly obligation.

Sunday Afternoon - Prompto reconsiders his entire life when he wakes up with Noctis wrapped around him in their tent, and going on a mushroom-hunt turns out to be the best thing Prompto and Noct ever had to do in their lives.

Tell Me - "Prom," Noctis starts, voice hoarse and impossibly deeper than it already was, "Tell me something good?" "Like what?" He tries weakly. "I don't know" Noctis continues to stare at him with haunted, searching eyes, "Something outside of all of this. What do you think about, when you need to hold on to something?" Or, alternatively, that time Prompto may or may not have had sleazy timing.

The Coming Wave - Prompto has been many different people, shedding lives as he outgrows them. Noctis doesn't have that luxury. But that's okay. They're okay. And they're going to find a way to be fucking great, together.

Tunnel Vision - Or, that moment when Prompto's anxiety lands him in a situation that really isn't as terrible as he expected.
Gideon The Ninth
...And A Partridge In A Pear Tree - "Gideon," said Palamedes with the patience of a saint, "the rules are the rules. It wouldn't be fair if I changed them just for you. In a well ordered society- "It's not a well ordered society." Gideon knew where that was going, and she certainly didn't have the time. She slapped a slip of paper onto the counter and said, "It's secret santa."
As Soft, As Wide As Air - After surviving the fall, Will finds he has far fewer hesitations about joining Hannibal than he would have guessed.
Hunter x Hunter
One Night In B-Mart - Much to Killua's chagrin, Alluka's great at making new friends. Just this once, Alluka's kind of regretting her luck in that department too.
Catharsis - It's hard to take a walk when you're as notorious as Chrollo.

Charity - Sometimes, you have to go where everyone knows your name. Or well, one of them at least.

Restrictions - Oh the lengths one will go in order to steal.
Araignée Provocateur - Chrollo has worked his way to the top as the most expensive and renowned escort in York New. Men wave cash in his face for a chance to touch him, and he's earned the right to be picky with his clients. It's a little boring. His interest is piqued when he faces an unexpected challenge - someone who isn't begging to lick his boots clean.
Beneficial Exchange - Even when Hisoka was young, he always wanted a good fight. Being born in Meteor City made you tough, made you antsy, but he managed to find someone who was worth his time. He found the first opponent he wanted to find the most.

Homecoming 🌹 - Hisoka came from somewhere, so reason would dictate that he's got a mother. Chrollo just never expected her to be like this.

That Boy Is A Monster - Even monsters have their origins.
Arcadia - "That's mine," a small voice shouted and Hisoka startled enough to drop the ragged book back onto the stack of garbage as if it had bit him.

Aria - Who wouldn't fall to such a sweet siren's song?

Auspicious - Chrollo isn't the type to be taken in, and Hisoka isn't fond of that one bit.

Babylon - "Are you nervous?" he asked when his late night guest continued to stay silent, the slender shape of his body a dark break against the wall length window. Hisoka's mouth watered the longer he stared. He wanted to touch him, to break him. He'd been waiting for so long.

Business as Usual - Don't make a deal with the devil unless you're willing to come out burned. Chrollo tries his luck and realizes that sometimes you have to make the pain worth the price you pay.

Constitution - Chrollo gets a little too much steam and Hisoka is kind enough to help him out.

Contrapposto - "I don't usually allow visitors into the workshop," a voice called from behind, and it was enough to remind Chrollo that he wasn't supposed to be lingering.

Corybantic - Everything comes to a head, one way or another.

Divinity Defined - Psyche Chrollo

Kindle - Catboy Chrollo

Petrichor - Witch Chrollo

Playing With Fire - Chrollo came to the bar for a drink and some solitude and was instead met with a handsome stalker. Sometimes scotch isn't the only thing that burns.

Riptide - "I held the water to my chest, and I loved."

Scrapefoot - Chrollo finds himself alone in Hisoka's rooms at Heaven's Arena. He isn't the best guest.

Sleepwalker - "Do you fancy yourself a prophet for the dead, boss?"

Snake in the Grass - Hisoka tells terrible, contrived jokes at the expense of Chrollo when he suggests a heist at a zoo.

The Last True Mouthpiece - Hisoka just can't follow the rules, not when the punishment is all he wants and more.

The Secret Menu - Hisoka pines for a mysterious customer at work, and goes to extreme lengths to get what he wants.

Tongue Tied - Chrollo could have avoided it all really, if he had just used tongue.

Truffle Butter - Leaning over to Hisoka's ear, Chrollo told him, "you're just my toy to pass the time right now, Hisoka."

Willows - Hisoka finds what comes when you sleep beneath a willow.

Wine Stained Lips - Chrollo asks Hisoka to get him a drink - things get a little wild when they realize the boss can't hold his liquor.

Yield - Vampire Chrollo
A Little Bit Of Something 🌹 - Individual drabbles that can be read as a stand alone or as a sequel. Hisoka and Illumi would never be the types to have an easy relationship- not if they could help it.

Bad Romance - Hisoka and Illumi met when they were kids, and somehow, they never stopped meeting up.

Calm Me Down - "I'm not done trying to kill you," Illumi retorted, even though he was.

Cinched - Hisoka sighs, allowing himself to relish in the feeling of coutil against his bare skin and rope digging into his spine.

Close and Closer Still - "Hisoka," Illumi says in his typical lyrical way, and oh, how Hisoka just wishes that Illumi wasn't face down in the mattress right now; just so he could see the irritated little blink he's surely doing. "You had better have a good reason for this."

Convenience - "I'm not looking for convenient, you are," and when Illumi turns away from him, Hisoka softens his voice. "Lumi," he says, reaching out to touch his shoulder. "I only want you."

Favors - Illumi asks a favor of Hisoka and Hisoka grants it to him.

Gossip - Illumi and Hisoka pass the time together during the last night on the island during the Hunter Exam.

Green With Envy - What promised to be an easy job for Illumi becomes increasingly difficult when Hisoka involves himself. Naturally. But perhaps, this time, it's constructive.

Hands - Hisoka could see Illumi's eyes widening in terror as he realised, almost instantly after their hands met, that he had made a big mistake: their hands were glued together with Bungee Gum.

How my Family Found out I was Dating a Killer Clown - How each of the Zoldyck family members discovered Illumi and Hisoka's relationship, without being told.

If There Were Two Guys On The Roof And One Kissed The Other While His Apartment Was Burning Down Would That Be Fucked Up Or What - Hisoka's shitty apartment was on fire.

Intimacy - Whatever do you mean? Killers don't miss other killers. [Illumi returns from a job and is surprised to find that Hisoka is not immediately there to greet him. He is not upset by this at all, clearly. Mhm. Not upset at all.]

It's What You Do - Four times Illumi and Hisoka met before the Hunter Exam, and one time after. OR, Illumi should probably get a clue.

Just Desserts - "And I was then going to kill Alluka and Kill-"

Makeup - Illumi makes use of his Nen ability and Hisoka is very appreciative.

Playing With Words You've Never Said - "Why do you always say things like that?"

Sensation - Illumi is sadistic and Hisoka doesn't back down.

Shit Piss Fuck Fckgf - shitty gay boy's get what they fucking deseerve. bye fuckers...... no more toking up...... no more w eed smoking now. you cant smoke weed in hell, thats why it's hell to begin with

Subdue Me - When Illumi fell asleep in his arms, Hisoka wondered if he should just go and leave for good.

The Horror Not To Be Surveyed - Hisoka and Illumi meet again after seven years. What occurs afterward includes assassins, coffee, and disguises -in short, it is an adventure in murder.

The Longest Job 🌹 - Illumi is forced out of the Zoldyck estate and seeks a living arrangement with an associate. He's not altogether pleased with it. Hisoka is a floor master at Heaven's Arena and has the unexpected pleasure of spending time with one of his oldest acquaintances. He doesn't share Illumi's frustrations.

The Simplist Moment 🌹 - Small one-scene vignettes featuring Hisoka and Illumi.

The Smallest Favor 🌹 - Hisoka and Illumi have been living together for six months now without much trouble. But when Illumi's youngest brother goes missing, Hisoka manages to make the situation just a bit too complicated and much more fun.

These Small Hours - The first time they slept together, Illumi didn't actually sleep.

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd 🌹 - Hisoka promises to help Illumi find Killua. He also promises Killua that Illumi won't find him. It's all in the name of bonding time.

Welcome Back - Hisoka welcomes Illumi home after a job.

Well In Hand - Hisoka appreciates Illumi's claws.

Will You Illuminate Me - When Illumi gets a high paying job for a client, he is told that this client usually asks for more than just an assassination.

Zoldyk Blue - The first time Hisoka sees it, he thinks it's a trick of the light.
Stress Management - Kurapika is not always the most responsible when an opportunity to alleviate their stress and tension presents itself.

Too Far Gone - Being so caught up in a trap that he would weave from a single glance alone - Kurapika had been doomed from the moment he had agreed to meet him.
Inked - Machi likes her right away.
Whiskey x And x Whine - Ging is isolated, pent up and lost in a half empty bottle of fire whiskey. Pariston is just a phone call and a reckless thirty minute drive away.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Flick of the Wrist - rohan has nice hands.

We're Adults, And We Get To Decide What That Means - Rohan needs references for blood. Kira is a serial killer. That's the kind of thing friendships are made of.
Kuroko's Basketball
A Little Piece of Heaven Raising Hell - In the 4th Ward, the power to back up your reputation is the only thing that matters. Hanamiya's set up a nice little corner for himself and his followers, but scorpions are tricky little shits.

A Shallow Treat for a Guy Like Me - Imayoshi loses a bet.

Lights and Shadows - Hanamiya gets reminded why he hates the fluorescent lights at school and what exactly Imayoshi has to do with it.

Pull The Strings You Need - "Firstly, I had a chess rematch to win. And just then, maybe, I wanted to make out."

This City Will Kill You - Kirisaki Pawn Shop, specializing in fake or stolen watches and illegal magical artifacts. You just have to know what to ask for.

Wild Night Out - A Valentine mixing party don't go as planned.

With the Exception of You (I Dislike Everyone in the Room) - It's New Year's Eve, Hanamiya Makoto is a literal piece of human garbage, and Imayoshi wants in.

WOW.txt - i begin to flip pancakes ferociously in your expensive kitchen

Your Sin - Tokyo Ghoul crossover. Sometimes it pays to listen to rumors.
Legend of Korra
I Want to Hold You Close - A collection of drabbles between Korra and Kuvira. It started with a dance.

She's Just Like The Weather, Can't Hold Her Together - When Korra asks Kuvira for a lesson, Kuvira asks for something in return.

The Dictator - Kuvira's time in prison following the events of the season 4 finale; Kuvira sinks into depression over the horrors she committed, and with all her former adopted family against her, Korra is the only one who can see Kuvira for who she really is and is willing to help her rise up again.
Metal Gear Solid
Big Boss/Revolver Ocelot
A Sight For Sore Eyes - Ocelot comes to see Snake at the hospital after he finally wakes up from that coma, and he's brought flowers...

Aftermath - Domestic AU

Aren't You Forgetting Something - A little rewrite of the ending because what we got was nice, but not really enough.

Burn Inside The Fire - Ocelot doesn't feel a single thing, unless it's for John.

Camping On A Mission - Big boss and Ocelot go on a mission.

Cat Naps - Snake brings back a Sandcat kitten for Ocelot, a new addition to their small family.

Cave Story - Boss roughly takes Ocelot's virginity.

Confession - Ocelot takes the final opportunity in front of him.

Dacha - Baking in the morning makes Ocelot nostalgic.

Fight or Flight - Bosselot/bondage/Ocelot's POV.

G-a-m-e-s-W-e-P-l-a-y - Zanzibar Land is a stupid name, Scrabble is a stupid game, Ocelot was born to cheat and Big Boss can't admit defeat.

Happy Birthday - Basically every chapter will deal with another character; the first is Quiet, then comes Kaz and finally John.

Heartache - I'd really like to see ocelot reuniting with bb after tpp and dealing with all his stress and anxiety, and bb doing his best to comfort ocelot, even if he might have to fumble his way through it...

I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado - Set between 3 and Peacewalker. Ocelot roots BB out of his attempt at secluded civilian life deep in the Rockies, but the isolation gets to Ocelot.

In The Air - Pequod gets more than he bargained for when he picks up the Boss for what was suppose to be a routine helicopter ride.

In The Jungles Of The Bathroom - Ocelot is tired, exhausted even. He's ready for a shower, but he gets slightly interrupted when someone comes home early.

In The Lights Of The Dawn - John wasn't the type to think too much on things, especially not this early in the morning. He lived on basic reactions, the quick reflexes and spur of the moment decisions that were required of him on the battlefield. But, a certain Russian tends to evoke thoughts that John isn't particularly sure on how to feel.

It's Been So Long - Feel my blood enraged It's just the fear of losing you

Kaleidoscope - Everything is temporary except Adam's loyalty.

Keep Talking - A combat situation in Zanzibar Land takes something precious from Ocelot.

Make You Sweat - Ocelot comes down with a fever while accompanying Snake on a mission to Hanoi to rescue EVA, and as he drifts in and out of feverish dreams all he can seem to think about is how damn good Snake looks without a shirt on.

One Day - Quiet days are hard to come by for Big Boss and Ocelot and with their future still uncertain, they enjoy each day they get to spend together.

Outside - ocelot helps big boss walk

Psychological Warfare - Does he ever think about anything else (he does not)

Reconnaissance - Big Boss visits Mother Base.

Roundabout - When he told John to get a better base, he didn't mean for him to take up one in the middle of the goddamned ocean.

Shallow, Ideal, Deep - A diamond being cut to perfection by a master jeweler.

Shot Me Down - NYC, 1964: Snake tries to adjust to civilian life. Ocelot's not helping.

The Cave - When it rains, it pours, driving Ocelot and Snake to share the sanctuary of a cave until it passes. And maybe share a bit more.

The Things I Do For Love - big boss wants to see ocelot and kazuhira together and ocelot's never has been one to say no

What Makes One Stay - Almost everything may bother Adam about the Patriots, but there is one thing that would never bother him at all. In fact, it makes him want to stick around forever.

You Can Fool The World Before They Realize - In the dim lighting from the streetlamps outside, shadows cascade down Adamska's taut stomach as it is revealed to the air, taking his shirt off as if unwrapping a present. He steals a glance at John, who sits beneath him, propped up on his elbows. He looks at least mildly impressed, and sits up to run his hands down Adamska's chest. He tries not to let himself tremble under just that touch. He has so much more planned.
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Somewhere Out There - "Before you and I met, I think we were considered strangers." There's a pause. It's not like Kaworu to pause. Then, on little more than a whisper, he says, "Yet I wonder if you'd believe me if I said that wasn't true."
Star Trek
Home - A misshap brings the Enterprise back to Earth for a while.

The Lotus Eaters - Stranded on the planet Sigma Nox while searching for a missing away team, Spock and Kirk find themselves pitted against a disturbing native life form. With the captain out of commission on a regular basis and Spock struggling to preserve his stoicism, staying alive is difficult enough - but when a slim chance for escape surfaces, their resolve is truly put to the test. Together they must fight for survival in the heart of an alien jungle, and in the process, uncover the mystery of the planet's past.

Veritas - Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock are hereby charged with negligence and wanton misconduct due to their emotional compromise with each other.
Sweet Pool
Completely Gone - A continuation of Makoto's route.
A Picnic - I just want Tetsuo and Youji to be happy and enjoy their youth pffft.

Rebirth - No matter how many miles he put between them, there was nothing Youji could do to make himself forget Tetsuo. When the opportunity once again presents itself, he decides to defy reason and risk his own life to be with him.
Snap Peas and Endive - Zenya dresses Christie up so that they match and then the two and Kitani have lunch together.
The Evil Within
Whoops - Joseph slips up on the job (for, like, the first time ever) and Sebastian is left to deal with the fallout (and worried sick)

Reprise - Healing comes in stages, uneven and unsure. But it's in moving forward that change begins to happen.
Vampire Knight
Blood Moon - Yuki's death shatters Zero and Kaname's world, driving them forcefully apart. Torn by guilt and blame but bound by blood, they must either salvage their relationship or face the reality that they will destroy eachother. Can two broken hearts trust again?

Crimson Door - When Kaname's enemies try to get to him through Yuki, Zero is left half dead and Kaname in the hands of sadistic captors. Only Kaname can give Zero what he needs to stay alive, and maybe only Zero can save the pureblood from a fate worse than death.

Secrets in the Dark 🌹 - There are things in Kaname's past he would rather forget, and some he's forgotten too well. When past and present collide, old wounds are ripped open, leaving Kaname frighteningly vulnerable and Zero scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Take the Lead - Kaname and Zero have survived hell together... but can they make it through an evening out? Two strong willed individuals go out on a date and try to find the right balance of give and take in their lives.
Immortals - (Series) Vamp Au
Yugioh 5D's
Sales Report - Not everyone is as tech-savvy as Yusei, which he learns firsthand when Carly drags him with her to buy a laptop.
Full Circle - Jack gets a visit in the hospital from the person he wanted to see the most. Takes places after the events of episode 28.

Hindsight, Forsight - Yusei can neither forgive or forget Jack after he leaves Satellite.